Hey y’all!

Country Music has always been close to my heart. Growing up in central California on a dairy farm I learned to hold music close to me. I always loved to sing, whether that was music recitals, school choir or leading worship in church. When I left for college, I stopped writing music, I focused on agriculture, traveling and being an advocate for the farming community. The year I turned 20 my family decided to move to middle Tennessee and keep pursuing our love for the Dairy industry.

It was Nashville that gave me inspiration to get back into writing and singing. I started finding my sound, new friends and my happiness. My producer Kent Wells has really pushed my voice as an artist, he believes in me and I know I’m ready to show Country music I belong. My sound is more related toward 90’s country music, I love the edge and soul that I grew up hearing and has been such an influence for my songwriting. I pray that my passion is shown through my music and that people fall in love with every lyric. Here’s to my new beginning, to country music and the songs that have shaped my heart.